Volunteer Opportunities

Photo 1 Parade sign Judy & CSSThose who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer!

Volunteers are the life blood of any non-profit organizations. NDLSA is no exception. Since 1994, volunteers have provided over 100,000 hours of service in a wide variety of ways. No matter your interests, age or skills, there is always some way we can use your valuable time to help keep the light shining. By volunteering for even just a few hours you will have a sense of giving back to your community by helping to preserve one of its most valuable resources.  To find out more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact the General Manager at 360-683-6638 or send an email expressing your interest to: scheduling@newdungenesslighthouse.com  You can also complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page or download it and mail it to NDLSA, Box 1283, Sequim, WA 98382.

Current Volunteer Needs

While assistance is needed with all of the volunteer tasks listed on this page, our most pressing needs are for the following:

  • Board Member (or volunteer) with a legal background
  • Assistance with media and public relations strategies
  • An individual good with numbers or an accounting background to assist the Association’s Treasurer

Represent NDLSA at Local Events


Build awareness for the light station and Keeper Program by acting as ambassadors at festivals and local events. (Time commitment = Festival shifts are usually 2-3 hours)

Maintenance & Transportation Opportunities


Help maintain and repair the many buildings at the Lighthouse as well as provide transportation to and from the lighthouse for the Keeper Program in NDLSA vehicles.Photo 8 Vehicle on beach

  • Once a year, usually in September, a team of volunteers stay at the lighthouse while performing repair and maintenance duties. All types of skills are needed from painting to plumbing and electrical work. (Time commitment = 1 week)
  • There is a periodic need for volunteers to help with minor repair and maintenance activities at one or more of the Association’s properties. (Time commitment = 1 day or less)
  • Association drivers transport Keeper Program participants to and from the lighthouse in our four wheel driver vehicles. (Time commitment = Training time + transfer time once or twice a month).

Special Skills Needed

If you possess a special skill that you would be willing to provide, we would be happy to discuss our current needs. Many of the tasks can be completed from your home. Commitment times vary.  In addition to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and carpentry expertise, other specific skills we can use help with are:

  • Social NetworkingKeep our Facebook page updated and develop other network opportunities (e.g. Twitter, Blogs)
  • Newsletter Editor – Gather information & photos for our Quarterly newsletter The Foghorn
  • Public Relations – Develop relationships with local and regional media, local businesses and community groups.

Board of Directors and Planning Committees

Board of Directors: NDLSA is run by a very active Board of Directors, all volunteers, each with their own area(s) of expertise. Currently we are seeking new board members to fill a couple of specific needs: One is for someone who is good with numbers to provide assistance for our Treasurer and a second need is for a person with good organizational and record keeping skills to act as our Secretary. Finally, we can always use additional board members with leadership and people skills. The Board meets the second Tuesday of every month for 2 hours.

Planning Committees: There is on-going need for volunteers to join one or more of our working committees. So, if you are an organizer and planner, instead of a manual laborer, here is your chance to help. We will gladly provide more information about each committee’s activities.
Photo 9 Committee meeting

  • Festivals
  • Promotion
  • Maintenance & Restoration
  • Keeper Program
  • Audit
  • Safety
  • Membership
  • Merchandise
  • Transportation

To obtain more information about volunteer opportunities or to be added to our volunteer database, please complete and submit the Volunteer Information Form below.  You can also download the form and mail in, or call 360.683.6638.

Volunteer Information Form

Please provide your contact information.  None of your personal information will be shared with any other organization.  Someone will email or call you shortly after we receive your request:

I am interested in learning more about the following volunteer opportunities (check all that apply):