Projects & Needs

Current Projects Needing Support

In order to preserve the 150+ year old buildings at the Light Station, NDLSA is constantly engaged in maintenance and restoration projects with much of the work being provided by volunteers. These projects are made even more challenging since access to the lighthouse is only possible at low tide and requires driving specially equipped vehicles on the beach. In addition, the historical integrity of the buildings at the station must be maintained and EPA procedures followed. While many projects have been completed, there is much left to be accomplished. Your donations can help with the following current needs:


  • Paint the 1905 Keeper’s Quarters (est. $40,000)
  • Rebuild the 1906 Fog Signal Building (est. $50,000)
  • Replace the roof of the Keeper’s Quarters (est. $7,500)
  • Redo roof flashing on tower and Keeper’s Quarters (est. $2,500)
  • Replace the Keeper’s Quarter’s windows (est. $35,000)
  • Replace the marine cable providing electricity to the Light Station (est. $1,000,000)
  • Replace the old ‘North-Facing’ webcam ($1500 $500 left!)
  • We need to replace the clothes washing machine in the Worker’s apartment. A used model that still works would be fine! Or if we could get a new heavy-duty model for the Keeper’s Quarters we could move the old one from there.

In addition, to insure that the property remains safe and free from vandalism, NDLSA promotes and manages the Keeper Program which keeps the buildings occupied 365 days a year. This has resulted in having a presence at the Light Station every day for the past 20 years!

Recently Completed Projects


The 660 foot deep artesian well that supplies water to the Light Station was 82 years old, rusted, and leaking. A team of contractors and volunteers removed the old piping and installed a new above-ground well head.  Rusted railings on the lantern room gallery were removed and new ones welded in place.

The old 200 pound cast iron vent ball atop the Lighthouse lantern room was cracked. The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter HENRY BLAKE assisted a crew of volunteers with taking the old ball down and installing a new one.


Installing an underground sprinkler system not only will keep protect the Light Station from wildfires, it makes watering the lawn a lot easier for the Keepers!

Age and weather require constant painting at the Light Station. Volunteers work to strip existing paint and apply a fresh coat, resulting in a fresh clean look.