Hiking to the Lighthouse

Hiking to the Lighthouse

The lighthouse is reached by a 5 mile hike from the Refuge parking lot along the North side of the Dungeness Spit.   There is a $3 Refuge permit fee for a party of four adults payable at the Kiosk. Children under 16 are free. There are no fees at the lighthouse, but donations to support the maintenance and restoration of the Lighthouse are appreciated.

Check out this cool series of panorama views of a walk to the lighthouse HERE. Thanks to Adam Moore of Raincity360.


Refuge & Lighthouse information is available at the Kiosk before starting to hike the spit

Tips for a safe hike

  • Check the Tide Table in advance or at the Kiosk before you start. Attempt the hike only at low tide. High tides require you to climb over driftwood logs and can add several hours to your trip. The spit is rarely breached by storms, but when it does happen the lighthouse becomes an island until the next low tide.
  • Refer to the Refuge Map for designated hiking areas. Walking is allowed only along the North side of the spit, below the boundary markers. There is no public access on the South side of the spit or the area past the lighthouse.
  • Allow 5 hours for the round trip and some rest time at the lighthouse.
  • Check the Weather before starting. There is no shelter until you reach the lighthouse. Sunscreen is always a good idea.
  • You must be out of the Refuge by sunset, which is posted daily at the entrance.
  • There is no transport back other than on foot. Footwear suitable for hiking on sand and rocks or climbing over logs is recommended.
  • There is a drinking fountain at the lighthouse, but there are no foods or other drinks available.
  • Of course, the very best way to visit the lighthouse is to get a ride out as part of the Keeper Program!


At low tide there is plenty of beach to walk on – but at high tide, it can all but disappear!